Our Story

Willow Potato

Willow is a 9yo English Bullterrier X Kelpie Rescue Dog and founder of Willow's Pantry.

Willow's life took an unforeseen turn at the age of around 2ish. Spending her life as breeding dog with some not so great people, she was disposed physically and mentally damaged. After being caught, she was brought to a pound in Broken Hill.

From this stage on, her life changed for the better with being saved by Furever Friends Bendigo, where Willow rehabbed at her fabulous foster family and slowly gained her trust back in humans.

Tired of waiting for her pawfect match to show up, Willow decided to advertise looking for a someone, who'd provide an endless supply of treats. Me - freshly immigrated and lonely in the new world - discovered her rescue profile and was smitten. After 2 meet & greets it was clear - Willow and I went on a trial.

The first weeks were hard. Willow needed to learn trusting me and being in a new environment without depending on her foster family and their dogs. That's when I remembered, that "Food is the way to her heart". And decided to bake her a few treats and a dog cake. 

Because hey - when we're sad and upset, treats are helping HEAPS! And everything escalated quickly into Willow's Pantry. Market stalls, pet expos, now a store.

Willow has grown into a strong willed, brave and extremely funny spud and I love seeing new quirks popping up out of a sudden.

Willow's favourite things to do are eating, sleeping, walkies, snuggling & peeking through the shop gate - waiting to greet you and check your bags for food.


That's me. Madly in love with Willow. Cranky German. 41yo Pastry Chef. Social Scientist. Sci-Fi & Pop Culture. Punk rock. Minimalist. Trying to understand the sunny Aussie way of life since 9years, but in fact still a lover of sauerkraut & beer.