Compostable Packaging 

With producing non-essential luxury products like dog cakes, we aim to keep our impact on our beautiful earth as low as possible. 

One thing, that always bothered me were stand up pouches. That's why we changed them to home & industrial compostable. 


What are your pouches made of?

Our beautiful shiny new pouches are made out of a recycled kraft paper film with layers of plant cell barrier and a cassava sealant layer. Food safe & actually prettier than I thought they would be!

They are printed with nontoxic water and bio based inks, that don't require petroleum-based solvents... even the zip for resealing is compostable! Crazy, hey? While most so called eco-friendly pouches are oxo / biodegrade into microplastics, our pouches will decompost completely.


What about certifications?

Our pouches are certified compostable with Seedling Logo 7P0558 and OK Industrial & Home Compost EU13142. Please be aware, that every council accepts different certifications, so after a little eco-facepalm you can be sure that there's at least no microplastics left, even if you'd need to throw your pouch into the regular waste. Do not throw them into your recycling bin, as they would contaminate recycling being technically food scraps.


What happens, if I don't have a compost or food waste bin?

You can chuck the pouches into the regular rubbish. Compostable packaging degrades in landfill on a similar rate to biodegradable packaging, as long as there is oxygen.


Other measurements:

- we recycle and reuse, that's why you find sometimes bubblewrap or other filling material in your parcel. 

- we'd prefer that we wouldn't get so much plastic packaging from our suppliers, that's why we ask them not to send everything wrapped extra.

- eager composters and worm farmers can pick up coffee grounds (I drink a lot haha) and food scraps from our store. 

- we buy bulk and preferably local and support small businesses producing ethical products. Speaking - our meat and fish dehydrated treats are used in a "nose to tail" ethic - basically leftovers from cuts, that humans prefer not to eat. 

- we do not source chicken, beef & pork from factory farming. We concentrate on said "leftovers" from game meats and wild caught seafood. 

- we do not stock fast fashion brands, even if they are popular.

We acknowledge, that this is just a small contribution to current issues and that nothing is 100% perfect. In a perfect world there would be no plastic and no meat leftovers. But I do believe, that every small drop can fill an ocean. 

We're excited (me, Willow not that much as long as it's not edible...) for the following years to come and more sustainable options hitting the market.