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Willow's Pantry

Dog Rainbow Cake

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🌈🌈🌈 Taste The Rainbow!🌈🌈🌈

Our Rainbow Doggy cake is an excellent example, what plant based colours can do! Compared to others, we don't take shortcuts and use certified organic turmeric, beetroot, blue spirulina and other good stuff - with a stunning colourful result!

How to choose your size:

4" Small: Suitable for up to 4 medium sized dogs. This cake gives every snoot a good slice of dog cake. Around 600g of cake.

5" Medium: Suitable for up to 15 medium sized dogs. Around 2kg of cake.

6" Large: Suitable for 20+ snoots. Around 4kg

Please note, that 5" & 6" cakes are quite tall with 2 bases stacked on each other.

All dog cakes and pupcakes contain peanut butter.

Cake handling:

Doggy cakes need to stay refrigerated and have a BBF of 3 days.

Please transport flat on passenger's floor or in car booth.

Due to containing NO preservatives, artificial colours and added sugar, the cakes look best on the day made. Cracks can occur and colours blur, if stored over night.

Dog cakes come in a cake box and include a candle. Additional decorations can be bought in store. 

To avoid food guarding, please cut up cake and feed separately. 


Please read our T&C regarding cancellations and refunds, before placing an order.