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Jerk Face - Kangaroo Jerky Chunks 100g

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The Kangaroo Jerky Cubes are a quick, easy, healthy and delicious dog treat for your pooch.

Made from 100% all-Australian only kangaroo leg meat, they contain no colours, preservatives or other harmful additives

Kangaroo jerky contains a high amount of omega 3, compared to other proteins and is with an average of 2% fat on the very lean side. Kangaroo also contains plenty of Zinc, Iron and vitamin B12 which are great for growing bones and keeping on top of a healthy immune system.

Kangaroo has double the amount of iron than beef and triple the amount of iron than pork and chicken.

These are also the perfect sizing for training your dog, suitable for medium to large sized dogs. Or an determined small dog wanting to chomp a lot.