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Sharkilicious -Dehydrated Shark Cartilage 100g

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🦈 Sharkilicious Dehydrated Shark Cartilage dog treats are little allrounders:

🦈 rich in omega 3 fatty acids for joint and skin health, shiny coat and healthy skin rich in calcium for bone health/healthy joints, and protein for muscle health and much more.

🦈 suitable as quick snack for medium to large sized dogs or as long lasting dental chew for tiny and small dogs.

🦈 low fat and suitable as treat in a pancreatic diet with under 5%fat


Nutritional Analysis:

Fat 0.9%

Protein 32%

Calcium 17.2%


Background Info:

Sometimes we get asked, if the sharks get thrown back into the water, after being cut up. Our shark products are either 100% North Queensland Black Tip or Australian Gummy shark. These are both common sharks in Australia caught using sustainable practices with quota’s strictly managed by the Australian Fisheries. They are declared as least concern by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature). They are not endangered. We use the leftovers of common sustainably fished Australian shark used for human consumption (aka flake in fish & chip shops.)